Monday, April 23, 2012


Happy Monday all!

On this day 396 years ago, the world mourned the loss of the prominent British playwright and poet, William Shakespeare. In celebration of this anniversary, and also his 448th birthday on April 26th, please enjoy this free digital sentiment to use on your projects!

.jpg - click on image, right click, 'Save Image As...'

.png - click on image, right click, 'Save Image As...'
 **Image is there, it is very feint. Otherwise email me for .png image**

Please note: The Boring Stuff

  •  This digi is copyrighted to Louise Gray creations. Please feel free to use in your projects, and on any projects that you wish to sell. But please do not attempt to sell the image itself in other form.

  •  The font 'Precious' belongs to bolt cutter designs. It is freeware and commercial use is permitted.
  • If mentioning this digi on your blog, please do not post the original file but place a link back to this blog post ( so people may acquire it themselves.   
 And above all...have fun! Please be sure to comment. I look forward to seeing all of your project

  <3 Lou.

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