Saturday, January 22, 2011

Wedding collection sneak peek

I've finally had the opportunity to photograph a portion of our Wedding Collection invitations and accessories. Whilst I'm compiling a catalogue with our designs, I thought I would share with you a few pictures. Please enjoy, and feel free to contact me via email for any questions or order enquiries.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Hello World 2011

Welcome to the first Blog post for Louise Gray Creations!

As a new bride, I understand the prospect of planning the perfect wedding can seem somewhat daunting and completely overwhelming. There is the wedding dress, the shoes, the cake, cars, reception...the list goes on! So, I bet you're wondering, where to start? This two part blog post will discuss two of the most important aspects to beginning your wedding planning based on my own experience.

After setting the date for your special day the best place with which to start, is to think about what you want for your special day. Do you have something specific in mind? It's a good idea to spend considerable time thinking about...
  • Theme - Classic Elegance? Vintage Lace? Black and White? Formal, Cocktail, Lounge? Beach? Overseas?
Choosing a theme also allows aspects of your personalities to shine through but it's also one of the easiest ways to plan your wedding, as it provides a foundation to work from for all other facets of your wedding. It is from here that you can make other stylistic decisions including...
  • Colour - Bridesmaids dresses and shoes? Groomsmen Suits? Flowers? Cake? Reception Interior? And perhaps the most important.... the wedding dress!
  • Transport - Limousines? Classic Cars? Horse and Carriage? Hot-Air Balloon?
The use of a common theme, colour, or motif will help to draw and connect all of these things together, creating a consistency throughout your special day.

A theme, particularly one that reflects the personalities of the bride and groom both individually and as a couple, helps to set the mood. 

This is where your wedding stationery shines. Your wedding invitations and accessories reflect the theme or style of your wedding thus providing your guests with a preview, and using that common thread in your invitations, links all the different elements together to form a truly unforgettable day. 

So, how do we establish a theme? Well, take into account the personalities of the bride and groom. Maybe she's vintage rose whilst he's a minimalist. Next, collect magazine clippings and compile a scrapbook or folder of decorations, swatches, colour themes and fashion trends.

**A helpful tip: If your have access to Microsoft OneNote for all your PC users, definitely think about using this little gem. It allows you to create a digital notebook and assign different sub-sections allowing maximum efficiency and organisation. Say there's a picture of your ultimate wedding cake on the web, rather than wasting paper to print out a blurry copy, simply click and drag the image to your OneNote and viola! There the image is, in your Cake subsection complete with a hyperlink to the source. It even allows you to password protect your subsections if you don't want anyone peeking (great for those lingerie ideas and images of your wedding gown!)**

Colour is almost always an underlying theme and is usually one of the first things you will choose when thinking about the style for your wedding. Remember that colours can evoke emotions and really sets the mood for your wedding day.
Bright and vibrant colours like candy apple red, fuchsia pink, or canary yellow usually demonstrate energy and intensity whilst more subtle colours like beige, ivory, and soft rose-pink can demonstrate a more calm, sophisticated feel.

 As such, it's important to get as close to the same colour as possible, or at least complementing shades if you are having multiple colours for your theme, when choosing elements for your wedding. Ladies, don't be afraid to ask for swatches or samples of fabric, and use these as a reference point.

 Stay tuned next week for part two...

                                              ~ Louise